Customized Metaverse

A Metaverse project built from the bottom up, using Unity & Blender custom built and developed by our Cadets & Instructor.
Ask to see this project on the Quest2 virtual reality headset and in other ways for an interactive experience.

Split screen. The left side haas a virtual room developed in Unity and the right side of the spilt screen is of Tangy wearing a Virtual Reality headset.

Regal Unicorn Virtual Reality

Join the Regal Unicorn Virtual Community. This is a MVP of a community that was fully built out in Unity and using 3d modeling and blender. Interested in seeing the whole community and not just what you see here, contact us and we are willing to share what we have developed.

Project sponsored by Microsoft

An immersive tech experience. A virtual art gallery that we created for Duke Ellington H.S. spatial platform. We created this so that users can experience the virtual art gallery on the HoloLens as well as on mobile devices, etc.

3D Modeling, Rigging & Animation

These 2 project Created in house from concept to final animation. These projects are advance artwork, modeling & animation.


Community Projects


Communication is vital for innovation and advancement. We want to overcome the language barrier between those who need to communicate through American Sign Language (ASL) and those with no need to learn it. We developed an ASL translator with AI, Python, and open-source code, allowing communication between the ASL community and English speakers.

Broward College Students
Makenson Noel | Chris DelValle |
Weissgerber | Nelson Diaz


Just as it sounds, play 3D chess dimensionally using holograms.  The future will include a computer AI player and a teaching module.​ Check this project out on the HoloLens.

FAU Students
Sam Hurtado | Gabriel Hurtado | Patrick Devaney

Garden of Tea

Experience the making of traditional matcha tea, learning step-by-step with the help of Myoan, a friendly little ghost who loves tea! Enjoy the view of a shimmering lake surrounded by sakura trees as you delve into the rich culture of tea making. Step aside from reality and immerse yourself in a relaxing experience with a tasty outcome. ​

Miami Dade College
Valentina Alonso | Chris Visso | Armando De Armas


HoloMath shows how Augmented Reality space will work in a lesson plan. Check this project out on the HoloLense.

Miami Dade College
Diego Castillo | ​Pedro Terra